Bespoke Marketing Plan

Big brands have the ability to pour huge marketing budgets in to their businesses - but for the micro enterprise - this can be a little more tricky.

This bespoke marketing plan aims to bridge that gap.

Who will this benefit?

Any small business owner looking to gain insight, create structure and a develop a clear direction for the future of their marketing activities.

It will also benefit those who have the desire and enthusiasm to want to learn about effective ways to market their business, but time stands in the way of being able to do this.

What will happen?

After selecting your preferred date and time (using the button below), you will be asked to answer four questions about your business; this is so sufficient research is carried out before your consultation and subsequently ensures the best marketing activities have been selected for your plan.

On the day of the consultation, our one-hour Zoom meeting will be recorded (this is optional) and we'll delve in to what you are currently doing with regards to the marketing of your business. This hour together will help discover key information for the plan going forward.

Two working days after the consultation finishes, you will have access to your own dedicated client page on The Market Room's website. This page will be where you can access your bespoke marketing plan, view your next-steps and watch our recorded meeting.

A complimentary follow-up consultation is included, and can be booked from your client page. It is recommended to book this meeting three months after our initial consultation. At this point, we will review the marketing activities you have been carrying out, and make adjustments to the plan if necessary.

How much does it cost?

The bespoke marketing plan costs £275.

How can I book this service?

You can book your bespoke marketing plan by clicking the button below.

Still have questions?

Book a free call to have a chat about how The Market Room can be of service.